Sunday, November 8, 2009

That There's A Big Dang Tank

Critical Mass is a good client, very patient, and very good at presenting a build in all its glory when they have a mind to sell a few thousand or so. Here are a few pics of the Arc Fleet Heavy Tank, a little bit of monolithic armored terror I crafted up for them over the early part of 2009. This thing was a giant build, larger than most tanks I usually craft up. The text they gave me, though, had this thing dropping from orbit, and hammering enemy targets once it made planetfall. That called for a rugged, big design, in my book. Thankfully, they liked it.

You can purchase one, or a dozen, here, at Critical Mass Games' website. Or go directly to the Arc Fleet Vehicles store tab...

Buy a shyte-ton. They're good product.

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