Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Critical Mass Games APC/Medium Tank/Comm Unit/Missile Launcher/Wow that's a lot of Variants...

Well, Craig and company at Critical Mass have approved 4 variants, so far, of the Medium Tank/APC design I've been working on, amongst other projects.

Shown are the Medium Tank (with 3 rescaled and adapted cannon barrels), the Missile Launcher, and Comm Vehicle. Counting the APC variant in the previous blog episode, and this modular bad boy will come in at four total variants.

An artillery version might see the light of day later, but for now, we'll get this thing out the door, and off to the printers today.

Stay tuned for more.

Oh, and between no sleep, my son going into the first grade, and extra overtime at work, my eyeballs are bleeding. Just in case you were wondering.

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