Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Critical Mass APC Extension

I received a suggestion on the SF Forum of The Miniatures Page to make the APC bit a bit bulkier, to reflect additional size requirements for troopers contained inside. So, along with a few other mods, I've updated the APC bit. Along with this modified bit, I've also worked up a fire support turret that is pending approval, another variant to be named later, and then I'll be sending this beauty out to printing later this week.

Also, take a look at French scultor PF's work over here. PF did a series of 15mm scale aliens, mostly as an exercise in a new scale. The gentleman definitely has talent, and I can't see much time elapsing until some new 15mm scale manufacturer snaps him up. Click Here to see the rest of PF's sculpting work.

Well, that's all for now. Off to bed.

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