Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Source Art For The Man Of War Variants, and Glimpses Of The 3D Models

Here's the source art I came up with for the Man Of War for Khurasan Miniatures. Probably should have show this first, but what the hey, what you do expect from someone with such a fractured thought process such as mine, right? Heh.

The original design was a text description, entailing a race of water-breathers who had to fight on land the same way air-breathers fought in the water, and their craft had to be dual-use above and below the water's surface. As I said before, the idea of a grav tank crossed with a submarine intrigued me, and I took on the project.

This sketch resulted in the Khurasan Man Of War, a multi-use vehicle capable of being Main Battle Tank, Self-Propelled Artillery, and Armored Personnel Carrier, all with the switching out of a few components. It's a theme I like to carry through most of my designs, client willing, and is a reflection of current-day designs such as the M-113 and its variants, the Stryker and its variants, among a host of other modern fighting vehicles.

Enjoy. I'll have clearer pics of the Main Battle Tank variant up soon.

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