Thursday, July 23, 2009

Critical Mass Walker, Now With Cornucopia Of Weaponry!

Just wanted to update you on the final rendition of the 15mm scale Walker I did for Critical Mass Games, just before I sent it off to prototype. I went deep into designing a wide variety of interchangeable weapons for this beastie, and I think customers will be happy with the choices they can make, as well as future options being planned currently.

As you can see from the exploded views, I figured out eventually how to make the hips work with a single leg piece that could serve as either left or right, to help in prototyping and production. Likewise, the weapons were formulated, for the most part, to be symmetrical and universal, able to serve as right, left, undermounted, or top-mounted, all on the same peg system. This will help in tricking out future Critical Mass offerings, giving this army a commonality of parts.
Among the selections of weapons I crafted, there was the requisite gatling, double gatling, and an energy weapon with a coaxial weapon derived from the pintle-mounted weapon. A quadruple missile launcher was made, along with a large autoloading cannon. A hybrid version of the missile launcher and cannon was also made. These larger systems were intended for the side "wing" mounts.
Well, that's all I have for today. This model has already reached casting and production, and should be for sale soon. Final height of the model, if you're wondering, is 2.3 inches to the top of the crew hatch, and 2.4 inches to the top of the pintle weapon, if you mount it. That's about 58mm and 60mm, respectively, for you metric types. Not a bad size, and not a bad model. I hope they sell a ton of them.
John Bear Ross
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