Thursday, July 16, 2009

Critical Mass Games Revealed

Well, the reveal code has been given for one of my clients, the newly-emerged Critical Mass Games. Their future website is parked at...

You can see a source art pic of their planned races and factions for their 15mm sci fi venture. It's good stuff. Mark over at Dropship Horizon debuted the infantry figs yesterday. If you haven't checked out Dropship Horizon and are interested in 15mm/1-100th scale models and gaming, swing over there. The link is in the sidebar of my followed blogs, or here...

In the meantime, I'm going to start some WIP pictures of the Walker I did for Critical Mass. Critical Mass wanted a "turret on legs," and based on that description, I knocked out the initial sketch.
After approval, I did a rough bulk-out in Rhino, which is my preliminary digital sculpting stage that lets me figure out major armor components, basic structure, and other elementary parts of a sculpt. Stay tuned for more.

John Bear Ross
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