Sunday, December 14, 2008

Secret Agent X, Volume III is now for sale!

My first published story is now in print! Secret Agent X and the Wrath of the Valkyrie is my debut in the pulps, and I'm loving it. What a great Christmas gift, being a real writer!

My oft-repeated thanks to Ron Fortier for making this happen, as well as my wife Rachel, who has "mushed" me like a sled dog for years to get something done.

The final cover image, front and back, is shown. Some very nice illustrations are found inside, as well.

You can buy the book immediately through, and at a nice discount to boot, and have the book in a couple weeks. Here's the link to buy it...

Well, here's the official press release...


Airship 27 Prod. and Cornerstone Book Publishers are pleased to announce the publication of the third volume in their anthology series of brand new Secret Agent X adventures. Pulpdom’s greatest super-spy returns in four never before published tales of breath-taking thrills and daring do. In this collection, The Man of a Thousand Faces finds himself pitted against a new Nazi super rifle that can kill from miles away; a mythological monster from ancient history, a mysterious horror hidden in the jungles of Cambodia and a new technological marvel capable of enslaving America.

These new exploits are provided by writers John Bear Ross, Frank Schildiner, Jarrod Courtemanche and Andrew Salmon. “There’s something about this character that inspires all our writers,” said Art Director Rob Davis upon completing the interior illustrations for this new book. “Every one of these is an original gem pulp fans are going to eat up.”

The series was begun two years ago and with SECRET AGENT X – Vol III, continues the fun begun in the first two volumes. “This is a pulp hero our readers just can’t get enough,” declared Airship 27 Editor, Ron Fortier. “And we’re only too happy to give them more.” Airship 27 Prod. began by Fortier especially to produce new stories of classic pulp heroes from the 1930s. In 2007, Airship 27 Productions joined forces with Michael Poll and Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans. This is their tenth pulp release since their partnership was launched.

This new volume contains; The Wrath of the Valkyrie, The Mask of Medusa, Ruins of Lost Souls & The Watchmen of Doom. Designed by Rob Davis with a cover by Davis and Shane Evans.

ISBN: 1-934935-32-8
ISBN 13: 978-1-934935-32-3
Produced by Airship 27
Published by Cornerstone Book Publishers

Release date: 12/13/2008

Retail Price: $24.95


Also, just to let you know, Mr. Fortier has been so good as to authorize a sample chapter to be released.

Click here to download the PDF of Wrath of the Valkyrie, Chapter One.

John Bear Ross

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