Printouts from Of The Spider Mech!

These arrived in the mail today.  I love days like this.

The reworked Spider Mech (among three other designs) was the focus of much of my efforts last year.  It was a great experience, reworking old, classic designs to take advantage of newer technology and my somewhat-better sculpting techniques.

Here are the printouts from Paul at

Beautiful work, as always, Paul...

 Main Hull, double gatling, and single leg.  The leg only had to be printed once, and will be reproduced by the masters of casting, The Rodmans.

 Another shot of the three parts.

 Size ref shots next to a Titan HAMR suit.

 Look at that detailing on the forward winch.  So precise for being so tiny.

 There's my manly pinky for scale.

 The double gatling bit.  The ball is .125" exact in diameter.

 Size ref shot next to an AA battery.

The double gatling can be mounted, fang style, under the main hull.  There will be plenty of ground clearance once the legs are mounted.

Well, that's all for now.  I'm going to go back to blissing out over the quality of these prints.


For more on the digital sculpting of the Spider Mech, click here...


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