Monday, March 23, 2015

Vera By Vulture

Ian, who has run the wonderful Vulture's Wargaming Blog for years, now, gave me permission to re-post his beautiful work on an Critical Mass Games Arc Fleet Walker christened "Vera."

Ian added 12 rare earth magnets to the walker, performed a masterful paintjob, and then, joy of all joys, made a short stop-action film of Vera going through some test movements.


 Here's a closer look at that paintjob.  Click the thumbnail above for a better view.

 Vera, taken apart to show off the magnet placement.

Ian also did a number of other stop-action films with other CMG Arc Fleet Walkers.

Click here to see his full YouTube channel offerings.  I'm a subscriber.
Click here to see more work on his blog of Arc Fleet gorgeousness.

Cheers, Ian!


To order your own Arc Fleet Walkers (one of my best-enduring sculpts), click here, and scroll down to Arc Fleet Vehicles and Platoon Deals.  Vera packs one weapon each from the Arc Fleet Advance Furyan variant, and the Arc Fleet Advance Valkyrie variant.
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