Friday, March 8, 2013

CMG Kickstarter Update: You Can't Have Enough Guns

When I made the Ravager and Blackguard mechs for Critical Mass Games, I flooded them with extra bits.

Lots of bits.  I almost always go overboard.

It's sometimes overwhelming for a client, and some stuff gets shelved.  Understandably so, because it costs real money to print and mold these unasked-for pieces.

So, imagine my surprise when the Loaded For Bear stretch goal for the Zas Kickstarter included not only the Zas-specific weapons that had been specifically commissioned, but a few others that I had thrown in for good measure.

 Here's a pic of the rapid-prototyped Zas mecha weapons.  It looks like these were done on an Objet, from the amber/honey-colored transparent photopolymer.


Dale is brilliant at making those rapid-prototyped build lines disappear.  I guess being a 4-time Golden Demon award winner makes you good at prepping models, or something.  ;)


Here are a few screen caps of the Ravager with its new loadouts.  Double cannons, obviously, would happen if you bought two Ravagers...

And here's the Blackguard with its new railgun and energy cannon.

And here's a little something extra...


"We who are about to die, salute you!"

A little demonstration of the modularity of the CMG Mechs.  Here's a Blackguard ace/champion who has customized his mech, traditionally in the role of fire support, into a close-combat buzzsaw with some anti-armor punch.  You can see the Astagar Volos' combat claw, and a little something from the Ygs Assault Mecha.  More to come on that.

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