Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reaper And Dreamforge: A Pair Of Noteworthy Kickstarter Offerings

Reaper and DreamForge. One run by Ed Pugh, the other by Mark Mondragon. Both of whom I'm honored to know.

These two powerhouses of miniatures-making are reaching out to their fans to get a little capital, to finance some major leaps in their businesses.

Mark Mondragon is launching a Kickstarter campaign that is destined to set the miniatures industry on its ear, bringing his excellent mechs and infantry to the masses. Click here for the link.

Mark is near to making his goal of raising some money to convert his line of beautiful mech and infantry miniatures from resin over to injection-molded plastic. The projected costs are expected to cut the price of those gorgeous Leviathan Knight Titans by an amazing amount.

Mark's incentives (so far) are some sweet support weapon crews, as well as a drone-like mule for supporting your infantry, with the promise of many more lovely creations to come.

Reaper Miniatures, the alma mater of my miniatures career, is nearing the close of the Kickstarter effort for their Bones line of resin miniatures. Click here for the link.

This venture has raised over a million bucks, and is still hurtling forward like an unstoppable juggernaut. One of the silver production masters of my CAV sculpts, the Katana, was one of the incentive prizes at the $475 USD level. Sweet!

I really like the clockwork dragon that is also an incentive prize, though it's just at the concept art stage.

Also, the Nova Corps make an appearance. They were intended to be 28mm scale CAV infantry figs, but they've since been incorporated into the expansive Chronoscope line of trans-temporal figures. Check 'em out.

The Reaper offer is ending soon. If you miss out on it, make sure you port those funds over to Dreamforge's offering. Either way, you can't miss.

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