Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rebel Minis Pulse Cannon Artillery Piece

In October of 2010 (has it been so long, Mike!?!?), Rebel Mike asked me to whip up a quick artillery piece.  Nothing fancy, he said, and with a built-in control panel in the base.

Sure, I said.  So I did.  Here it is.

In the end, we had a nice, basic artillery piece.  Mike's brought it to production as the Pulse Cannon, a nice little resin kit, with a field tech to operate it.  It will retail for $2.99.  Nice price, especially with a fig thrown in for good measure.  I foresee many tabletop scenarios with these as obstacles to be overcome.

Head over to Rebel Mini's blog, here, to see a few new manual sculpts as well.  I particularly like the PF-sculpted aliens and bugs.  Very cool.


PS  Machine Shop Friday went well.  I was set to the fundamentals, learning to grind and resharpen worn end mills, and did some grinding on a manual lathe that had a toolpost grinder attached to it.

I was assigned to Sonny, an old-school machinist who came out of retirement to work at the shop.  The man is a wealth of knowledge on the forgotten art of manual machining.  It was an excellent learning experience for me. 

Some very complex geometry goes into making metal be able to slice through other metal.  I managed to keep all my organic fluids in my body, and off the machinery.  The shop owner does not approve of hemoglobin-induced rust on his tooling.

Well, back to it...
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