Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Khurasan Civilian Cars and Rockjumper Redux

In the middle of last year, I did a pair of futuristic civilian cars for Jon at Khurasan Miniatures.  One was a sleek little roadster, the other a more sedate sedan, or "saloon," as the gents on Top Gear have taught me to say.

Here are Jon's primered rapid prototyped masters.  Next are some screen shots...

I like the fact that he called for a modular undercarriage, with one representing anti-grav or hover, and the other set as wheels.  The roadster has a trike configuration, the sedan/saloon a quad arrangement.  I like the near-uninterrupted skins of these two. 

In some ways, it's harder for me to sculpt gossamer and sleek instead of brutal and slabby.  I enjoyed the challenge.

On to the Rockjumper Redux...

Jon also wanted a new workover on the venerable Rockjumper colonial crawler.  A few tweaks in the digital realm, and the main hull and track sections were ready for printing.  The most notable change to the original model was the empty spaces now apparent between the track units' road wheels and bogeys.

I also worked up (in the past) an improvised armor set for the rear bed of the Rockjumper.  This was to be an ad-hoc modification by colonial militia or insurgents against Jon's tyrannical forces.

All three models are now for sale.

Here is the link for the civilian cars and the Rockjumper, with add-on bed armor, along with a number of other vehicles I've done for Khurasan.

Also, try a Pelagic anti-grav tank or two.  They're some of my favorite works.


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