Monday, June 13, 2011

Mercs Minis Waza Weapons WIP, Part 2

Here's the first weapon I did for Mercs Minis' line of weapons for their Waza faction.

It's a standard issue select-fire rifle, magazine-fed. Pretty basic. No frills, no extra fancy-schmancy doo-dads to snap off or snag on gear and foilage. My type of weapon, if I still had to hump one up and down hills for a living. (Note: "hump" is grunt-speak for carrying a large amount of gear in an expeditious manner. No reproductive overtones intended in its usage).

This weapon was very reminiscent of an HK G36 or an FN SCAR to me, and so I worked in some of those design lines. Minor details and hints, nothing overt.

Here's the rough-out, or general extrusion of lines that give the basic shape.

Here's the "smoother" detail pass. I rendered this instead of doing Ghost or Wireframe screen captures, thus the deletion of isocurve lines (isocurve lines is Rhino-speak for the tiny lines that define edges or other features of surfaces on a NURBS object).

Here's the final detail pass. Isocurves are back, just to show off the final detailing. Note the flash suppressor and controls on the Eotech-style rear holosight.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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