Sunday, February 7, 2010

Asymmetrical Grav Tank

Not everything I do is for clients. I'm in the midst of a big project for Rebel Miniatures, but I took a small break last night, and knocked out some stuff that's been rattling around in my spacious noggin.

This is an old design, about three or four years old, that I dusted off and decided to update. It never made it past the bulk-out stage, and that still basically what you have here. "Bulk-out" is what I call the interim stage where you're just trying to get the basic shapes and configurations right, before final detailing, paneling, and mold parting lines come into play. Basically, I'm just squishing digital clay, trying to see what looks good.

This Asymmetrical Grav Tank is a design experiment that I'll see if any clients are interested in. If they bite, good. If not, no problem. I just wanted to make an unconventional alien design that would go up against the traditional style of tanks I do for most of my clients.

Possible variants are a double-clawgun version, and one with no guns and four missile launchers. Putting all 6 weapons on the thing leads to a serious case of "overgun," where a vehicle is literally bristling with deadly implements, to the point of looking near-ridiculous. Stay tuned.

The claw gun is offset by 90 degrees in one pic above. This was the original configuration, and something I might go back to. I just wanted to break up the planes and angles of the build. We'll see how it works out. More likely than not, the claw gun will be a separate piece, and it will be up to the end user.

The sketch is the original I did back in 2007. Obviously, you draw on what you have when inspiration strikes. In this case, a legal pad. The curved "warp engine" antigravity units were used on Khurasan's miniatures, so I changed their configuration in the current-day bulkout to avoid confusion.

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