Thursday, June 18, 2009

WolfMech Body Sculpting

I'm trimming away the fat on the WolfMech, giving him a lean, mean appearance. My initial head is still in place from the initial rough-out, but the main hull has been slimmed down, chopped and channeled to unlock the armored nightmare that's just below the rough-out's surface. The head will probably be the last piece I do. I did reverse the ears and dropped the angle of the head, to give him a "stalking" body posture.
The weapon mount on the top of the shoulders is a bit of a problem, since this piece is designed to pull from two-sided molds. I've had to take off the "shoulder blade" armor plates, replacing them with more of a cowl that won't lock the mold together. They would have looked cool as jutting-upright pieces, but sometimes sculpting for production models means foregoing what's cool for what can be mass-produced. A minor trade-off, in the big scheme of things.

Well, I'm rambling. The sun is up, and I'm off to bed.

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