Monday, March 30, 2009

Spidermech Prototype!

I recently completed a commission by Comfy Chair Miniatures for a Spider mech, complete with numerous weapon options. It was fun to sculpt, and you can see its progress in previous blog entries. Click on the pics to see their full size.

Well, let's start with unboxing...

Here's how everything came from Nicely bagged, and organized, I must say.
Using secret tools of the trade, playdo and superglue, we shall now assemble the Spider mech.

Here is the main body and legs, laid out. If you're having difficulty seeing details, save the pic, open it in MS Paint, and invert the colors. That will give you a better idea of the details, such as my camera can pick them up.

Here I'm setting my playdo fixture height, using the famous "squash it 'til it's level" technique.

Using a bit of manual dexterity, eventually all 8 legs are glued into their sockets.

Here is the main gatling weapon accessory.

Here's an energy cannon mounted on the back.

Here's the 28mm crew hatch on the weapons mount, and a gatling "crown" on the sensor head of the spider mech. This is my personal favorite variant, so I'm going to show a another pic of it...

Here's the top view, but with the Small Scale cockpit mounted. Again, to see better details, invert the colors of the pic.

And here's the size of the little beast. roughly 2 and 1/4 inch ( 57mm for you metric types) in span!

This build turned out great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in production. Time and space constraints keep me from posting all the bits, but the missile launcher turned out well, as did the explosives package. If the casters do their part, which they will, they're molding wizards, this guy will be the tiny terror of the tabletop!
Stay tuned to Comfy Chair Minis website for more updates.
John Bear Ross
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