Code Of Armor, Part 3 Snippet

Here's a little worldbuilding snippet for Code Of Armor, part 3.  Enjoy!


    “The Gatekeepers have done their best, by force and deception, to muddy the historical records of their conquest of Junctionworld. Not their battle footage, mind you, or the fact that they rule supreme over this place. They're proud of those 'facts,' and enjoy reminding the populace ad nauseum.”

    “But, when it comes to questions about their origins, things suddenly turn mysterious. Oh, your average Gatekeeper is a morphed, stunted version of a biped mammal, encased in an advanced protective shell, that's apparent enough. Their technology level is astounding. The problem is, no one ever heard of them before they came here. Not even the RedFolk, or the Zov Collective. If there is any data on them, they've scrubbed it clean.”

    “Which brings us to the question of why, of all the WorldGates, they >CENSORED< the >CENSORED<. Not many know it these days, but The >CENSORED< was their point of origin, their invasion beachhead. They came through it like unholy angels in their heavy grav armors, burning and slaughtering the Ja-Prenn down to the last juvenile Breeder Queens. Since their takeover, they've obscured the fact that somewhere behind the >CENSORED< was their home. Whatever it is they're trying to evade, it must have finally caught up to them.”

    “Try and poke around the edges of these facts, and Central Data usually times out your connection, maybe issues you a warning to change directions in your inquiries. Keep at it, and your kiosk or data device orders you to stand by, and saves your picture and stats.”

    “Meanwhile, they vector in Model Ninety-Nine detectives to scoop you up. Those interrogations usually start with synaptic torture, and end with a conveyor belt ride into the void. You can laugh and call me a fool, but I've heard about it.”

    “Hold on, there's a knock at the habitat door. Be right back.”

-Poster 'ArenaFan997', ChatterBoard Discussion Net,

Sub-Chat “Conspiracies”


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