Civilian Speeders From Khurasan

This is the second batch of civilian cars I've done for Khurasan.

The first was shown here.

Painter is unknown.  If it's you, please let me know, so I can credit you.
These were to be along a similar theme.  Sleek, smooth, with interchangeable drive plates underneath the hulls, so the end user could make them wheeled, or anti-grav.

 Here is the "supercar" as it's working title.  I was watching a lot of Top Gear at the time.

 Comparison shots of the Khurasan civilian car line that I've done.  Steve Tyler has done some other wonderful pieces.

 Here are some walk-around shots of the one-person travel pod.  The four pegs are for stand-off purposes, to give the illusion that it's floating on an anti-grav field. 

A similar effect was done on the supercar, which shared the same bottom plate with the first generation of vehicles.



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