Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rebel 2015 Christmas Sale!

The Black Max sculpting series will continue, but I wanted to make sure you guys were aware that Rebel Minis, one of my main clients, is a having a Christmas sale, 20% off the whole store, using the code rebel2015 at checkout.

In the meantime, here's a quicky buyer's guide/eye candy review of stuff you might want to look at, including links.


For those of you who like following the adventures of a traveler in a blue box, here's a nice 15mm Police Box.

If you want the figure, he's in this pack of Civilian Hunters.

The Intimidator was released this year.  It's a nasty hovertank with dual rotary cannons, compatible with RUMV vehicles.

The Hellfire is the companion vehicle for the Intimidator, busting up targets with precision missile fire.

Or, you could get more CATs.  No, not felines, CATs, as in Cybernetic Autonomous Troopers.

You have your choice of TomCATs, GunCATs, WildCATs, or FireCATs.  Or the Vanguard set, which is a nice sample-pack of CATs.

Well, that's my quick suggestions for this year.  The sale ends soon, so shake out those sofa cushions, empty out the kid's piggy bank, and steal a penny or two from the coin dish at the store counter.

That code, again, is rebel2015 at checkout.

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