More Mecha Sketches

I sketch.  I sketch a lot.  I used to sketch even more than now.

I have sketchbooks and sketchbooks full of doodles that will never come to fruition.  No biggie.

Looking back at it, some of it is pretty wonky, and/or juvenile, or stuff that others have already brought to market.

Here's a previous update with similar stuff.

 I was pretty focussed there, for a while, on a universal framework that others could use to make their own mech kits with add-ons.

 A revision of the elven mecha that started me down the road to making minis.

 Alternate weapons for RDF destroids.

 A large a-grav tank, nicknamed the "Potemkin" due to its large size (at the time).  Nowadays, it would be pretty ordinary.
An a-grav fighting vehicle that could have an enclosed infantry pod, or racks where power armors could hang from the craft's central spine, like sides of beef, ready to drop.

 An a-grav flatbed combat vehicle where the power armors would ride in exposed bucket seats in the back.

 A funky combat utility vehicle with three a-grav generators, two to suspend it, and one to "push."
 Top view of an a-grav tank with winglets and trimaran hull.

 The "Bumblebee" concept.  Take an armored car or light tank hull, load it up with the biggest gun you can salvage, and throw it into combat.  Name "Bumblebee" as a reference to the old notion that a bumblebee shouldn't theoretically be able to fly, due to its mass.

A mech sketch with balls and sockets in various configurations.

These were done more than a few years ago.  Just a little traipse through the archives.



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