Wolfmech Rework

Click Here, and you can see some past posts from years ago of the Wolfmech I sculpted up for Comfy Chair Games.

I loved that Wolfmech, and now I get a chance to chop it to digital pieces and give it the attention it deserves.

Here's a few WIP shots of the version that went to print...

Here's the printout from Moddler.com

And now, here's the first rework shots...

I scaled him down so he wouldn't be so massive as the previous iteration, but fear that his legs now make him look like a Corgi.

I think I'll have to give them some length of bone.

The head was leaned out and stretched (which probably threw the legs out of proportion to my eye), and a lot of the rivet look is being smoothed out.  I've also ripped out and filled in a lot of the torso, smoothing old mold-rippers (and creating new ones ;) ).

More to come, along with more work on the Gorilla Mech.

Also, there's this little announcement from Rebel Mike as to what all these "Animechs" are leading up to...


Edit to add:  New shots of lengthened legs.

 And, of course, I had to slather the thing in gatling weapons, as is my habit.  ;)


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