Friday, November 6, 2015

I Can Pass Tools With The Best Of Them

I got some fresh air, today, helping out my friend Tim Szarka install some heavy gate posts.

Tim, as you may remember from this post a few years ago, runs a blacksmithing and fabrication shop called Desert Owl Forge.

I was Tim's tool helper and forklift driver.  He did the hard stuff.  Like the title says, I just passed tools to him that he needed. ;)

We started with 20-foot-long I-beams.  They weighed about 800 pounds apiece.

 Tim welded top plates to the ends of the beams.

 He trimmed them to length (chopping about three feet off their length) and made a few extra cuts to help fit them in place.
 Here, we've lifted the first beam into place (that hole is about seven feet deep), and Tim is welding the beam into place once he's leveled it.

 Here's me, in my natural position.  The forklift is what we call a "zoom-boom," since it can both elevate and extend its forks.

 Tim welding the other post in place.

 Here's the zoom-boom with the beam still attached.  Ten foot wall, and seven feet of beam that will be cemented into the ground.

The holes will be filled with concrete, and then Tim will attach the heavy hinges and gates to the posts we installed today.  Maybe I'll get to tag along and get underfoot.

All in all, a great day.

Visit Desert Owl Forge, and enjoy the custom, old-world craftsmanship of Tim Szarka.

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