Thursday, October 8, 2015

If I'm Not Available, Go To These Guys

Even when I am slugging back energy drinks like there's no tomorrow, and working 37-hour days like the Twins in Men In Black, I fall behind, and my schedule backs up.

I have a good roster of clients, and usually can't take on new ones.

If I can't do it, no biggie.  I'm not that good, anyway.  ;)

Here's a list of folks who are, with links on how to contact them.

Charles Oines

Steve 'Coolhand' Tyler

Adam Rodgers

James 'Jimbo' Burrell

Anthony 'Shimmering-Sword' Scroggins

Kevin Contos 

I even googled '3D Digital Sculptor.'  There's a LinkedIn link of the Top 25 Digital Sculptors.  What I'm doing on the list, I don't know.

So, there's a short list.  There are many others to be found, like in the Shapeways forums or other 3D forums.  Make sure they're familiar with making files for 3D printing and mass production, though.

You might want to acquaint yourself with my 3D Primer.  It will help with avoiding a few pitfalls I've personally fallen through over the years.


P.S.  If you could coax Neil Nowatzki out of retirement, I would consider it a great personal favor.  ;)
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