Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rebel Minis Digital Direct

Rebel Mike and I have gone into a venture together.

We call it Rebel Minis Digital Direct.

It's a premium service that enables us to get custom parts, one-offs, and parts that otherwise wouldn't make it into production via normal means.

For now, we're going through Shapeways

It's not cheap and it's not high resolution.

But, it is flexible, and enables us to get things on your tabletop now, instead of waiting for them to make it through the production queue of prototyping, molding, casting, and retail.

We're not married to Shapeways, and may offer different things through different service bureaus.  We'll be sure to let you know if things change.

So, here's the link.

 Here are some samples from the store...
 15mm Scale Weapons.  I call it the Variety Pack Of Doom.
 This is a freestanding door, used for scenarios and sci-fi dungeon crawls.
 Here's the Civilian Flatbed hull top for the RUMV system.
 This is a RUMV combination turret and hatch, 1/2 inch square, for mounting on converted diecast vehicles or custom builds.
 This is the Earth Force Light Tank hull for the RUMV system.
 This is a RUMV turret with a heavy rotary cannon.  Gatlings make everything better.
 This is a RUMV turret equipped with a 100mm Jackhammer Cannon.

 This is a six-pack of 15mm sci-fi crew hatches.  Great for converting.
And here's what started it all.  The Merka grav modules.  They've been sprued together and hollowed out, as have most of the Shapeways-oriented builds, to save on material.

For feedback, updates, and more info, I've set up a Facebook page.

I have a good feeling about this.  Stay tuned.

John Bear Ross

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