Friday, June 20, 2014

Bandai 1/100 Scale Macross Factory! Whoohoo!

So, back to regular blogging.  Standard Amazon disclaimer.

A few months ago, I ordered and received a 1/100th scale Macross Factory through Amazon.  It shipped free (!) from Japan.  I've always wanted one, and finally splurged when some extra sculpting money came through.

Here's the sales link.

So this arrived.
Also, here's Applebee, our fluffy cat.  Wait, let me turn on the lights...

 There we go.  Our resident snow leopard remains ambivalent to the package that has arrived from Japan.

 Packaging was good, and relatively unscuffed, considering the trans-Pacific transit.  The Kaiju must have gone easy on this one.

 Here's the opening of the box.  Beautiful classic box art.

 The two main platforms fit together, even on the sprue.

Here's "Cookie" in front of the main doors.

Here are a number of other reference models on the main platform.  For other pics of these 1/100th scale reference models, here's an older blog post.

 Here's a blurry pic (sorry) of the support vehicles.

 Here's the Armored Valkyrie/Crusader bagged sprues.

 Here's the Excalibur/Tomahawk/Warhammer sprue.  I'm really interested in how this guy sizes up.  I've done some digital conjecture in the past, and figured it will come out to about five inches.  We'll see how things pan out.

 The other structures involved in the construction of the main mecha bays.

The instructions.  Japanese, obviously, but even a gaijin like me can figure it out.  
Years of building Tomy Zoids experience will be drawn upon.  ;)

Here's the figures included with the Macross Factory.

And here's some figure comparisons with similar scale figs.

The white crew sprue is 1/100 Mobile Staff from Wave.  They're available from HobbyLink Japan.

The grey crew sprue is the awesome Bandai 1/100 scale figures.  Here's an Amazon link to them.

The two infantry pewter figs are the equally awesome Titan Marine and Earth Force figures from Rebel Minis.

Everything compares up pretty nicely.

The Macross figs look slight, but that's okay, since variety is the spice of life, and not everyone is a ponderous, oversized land mammal like myself.  ;)

Again, if you're looking to buy this kit, and get free shipping from Japan, here's the link.  I get a small percent if you click through, which helps.


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