Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chris K's Custom Hovertank, As Requested

Chris K. from Dropship Horizon requested to see a particular combo of Titan Marine Light Tank Hull and Turret, RUM-V Hoverskirt, and the tri-barrel energy weapons from the Viper Suits.

So I dipped into the digital bitz box, and whipped up this combo.  Enjoy, Chris!

If there are any other ones you folks would like to see of the parts I've made for the RUM-V series, or the parts that are already compatible with them, drop me a line in the comments section.

The last pic is a screen capture of the side view panel in Rhino, with the viewport setting of "Pen."  It's a neat little feature I just discovered in the recent 5.0 upgrade.  Sweet.  Instant line art.  I'm going to have to play with that more.

John Bear Ross
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