Saturday, February 18, 2012

Machining Friday, Part 4

Another fascinating day in the machine shop.  I spent some more time on three machines, namely the Integrex 200 Machining Center, the VTC-16 Mill, and the QuickTurn 250 Lathe.  All Mazak machines.

I also learned the beginnings of how to change out damaged tooling, as well as switch out tools for new setups and programs.  Great stuff.

I also managed to slice the hell out of my thumb on the first part of the day.  The edges of machined parts are damn sharp when they're still fresh in the lathe's jaws.  I tried running a gauge pin into a machined slot, it caught, and my thumb got opened up a wee bit.

Ah well, the machining gods need their thirsts quenched from time to time with fresh doses of hemoglobin.  The cut closed up, eventually.  My first machining boo-boo.  Aww...;)

In other news, I helped a buddy move back from Pahrump to Vegas today, so my back is sore.  Being a military brat, I naturally hate moving, even for other people.

I swear, sometimes the only reason I haven't walked away from my six-figures-underwater house in S. Nevada is only because I don't want to pack up and move.  Heh.

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