Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mecha In Pahrump!

I woke up early today, for a Saturday, that is.  "Early" is before noon.  I woke up and went to town, to get a few groceries before the crowds really packed the Wal-Mart (it's the only one in town).

So, my son and I are making the left to head to Wal-Mart, and what do I see in the parking lot of one of the local casinos, but Robosaurus!  A real Mecha/Transformer, here in my tiny town of Pahrump!

I turned into the parking lot, and asked the driver who was getting down from the cab if the boy and I could take some pics.  He said, "Sure, help yourself," and headed inside.

So, here's some pics of a real-life car-eating mecha.  Sweet!  My son always likes to do the "I'm holding this up" pose in pics.  I have no idea where he gets this trait of silliness.  Heh.

A few Youtube vids I found...

Here's a 3 minute video taken at a casino in Florida.  Nice views of the cockpit while the thing is in action.

And here's a longer video of the power-up and car-eating while at Barret-Jackson 2010.



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