Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Year In Review

Well, another year's down. The transition from night shift to days was rough, and nearly killed my business. Thankfully, my clients held in there, and work turned around. This was actually one of my best years yet!

Here's some of the builds done this year that I can reveal (oooh...mysterious)...

Rebel Minis...
The Earth Force HAMR Suit
The Titan Marine HAMR Suit
HAMR Suit Fire Support and Recon Sprues
Titan Marine Mortar
The Infiltrator Bike
The 15mm Scale Weapons Sprue
(along with numerous other builds that will debut in 2011)...

Khurasan Minis...
The Garn Alligator and Crocodile Grav Attack Platforms
The Chewk Drilltank
The Sepulveda Modular Habitat system
The Red Banner Tank system
The Robot Walker system
The Khurasan Civilian Car
Garn and Pelagic Star Cruisers, along with Fighters and Missiles

Critical Mass Games...

The Arc Fleet Scenery system
The Protolene Khanate Scenery system
Some other tasty stuff you'll see next year...

Comfy Chair Games...
The ScorpionMech
The GorillaMech

Other Work...
The Asymmetrical Alien Grav Tank (still a WIP)
The Land Rover commercial for Moddler
The Blackbird from Mars McCoy, on Shapeways
A Digital Sammich

Well, that's it, that I can show you. Other stuff will be revealed as clients debut them, and then more in-depth postings to show the in-progress stuff.

Thanks for reading my random ramblings throughout the year. Stay tuned for more.

John Bear Ross
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