Sunday, July 26, 2009

Khurasan Miniatures reveals the Man of War Grav Vehicle

Mark over at Dropship Horizon has been given the first peek at Khurasan's Man of War grav vehicle system I designed for them some months ago. I've had to sit on the secret, but now that the reveal has been done, I can talk about it. The last "blue" pic is a bit smudgy (something about the blog's upload process smears images, sorry), buck clicking on it gives you a screenshot of the final approval screen captures I sent Khurasan before it went to prototyping.
To read Mark's generous blog entry and review over at Dropship Horizon, click here.

This was the APC variant, of three variants I did based on the same hull. A missile artillery version, with flip-up lid, and a main battle tank were also done for this build.

The vehicle is intended for an aquatic race of aliens, ones which fight both above and below the surface of the water. Thus, a high degree of streamlining was called for. This was a pleasure to build, and I'm grateful for Khurasan giving me a free hand in the design, from sketch to final master.

I'm back from my quick trip to the San Diego Comic Convention. I was able to get my business card in the hands of some very impressive persons from some large toy companies and design studios. Stay tuned.

John Bear Ross
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