Saturday, March 14, 2009

Return Of A Few Old Friends

I've re-prototyped a pair of hulls for the Saenz and Fletcher hovertanks, a pair of designs I made on spec back in 2006. The designs were sold to a buyer in the UK. Molding didn't work out quite as planned, and he's asked for a new pair of hulls. I sent these improved hulls out to, and they came back great, nice and clean.
The Fletcher is named for Captain Robert Fletcher, a protective force supervisor I used to have when I worked nuclear security at the NV Test Site.
The Saenz is a favorite design of mine, named for a friend killed in Iraq in 2006. Carlos Saenz was a week away from rotating home when the news came through. I miss him horribly.

These two should be coming out from Ursa Major Minis soon. I'll keep you posted.

John Bear Ross
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