Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Approacheth!

Well, the Day of Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Rachel, my beautiful wife, and I are hosting the event for the first time. Family is flying and driving in from Alaska, California, and Northern Nevada, and it promises to be a packed house! I'm going to fry up a turkey, as well as serve up a honey-baked ham. Time to loosen the belts!

Also, work progresses on the Mars McCoy story. Another two chapters knocked out. I've also been prototyping, when possible, though certain starship files are driving me completely insane. I'm also carving out a nice VTOL, and APC for certain unnamed clients, as well as a monstrous mecha to work off some past barter debt I took on.

The monster mecha is going to be pretty bold, both in scope and size. More details to be revealed as more sculpting happens.

John Bear Ross
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