Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Pics Of My CNC Machine

The folks at Faztek seem to like my build, and have asked to feature it in their advertisements and other promotional efforts.

I'm flattered, and agreed.

So, I tidied up the work space, and took some slightly better pictures.  My photographic skills aren't at the professional level, but here you go...

For the first part of the CNC machine build, click here...

For the second part, click here.


Friday, November 21, 2014

My New CNC Machine

I've been writing, wrapping up the last of my sculpting projects for a while, and being an overall ruralburbian dad.
My son, JBR 2, is now 11 years old, and up to my shoulder.  He finished his first season in American tackle football, playing defensive line.
I'm very proud of him, along with being on the A/B Honor Roll for school. 

 On to my new CNC machine.

It's a home-brew job, cobbled together from a hodgepodge of online inspirations and sketches.

I was running into issues with the Z axis when I first assembled it.  It kept stalling under its own cantilevered weight.  So, I took a lesson from slant-bed lathes, and inclined the whole machine.  Much smoother, now.

I call it "lawn-chair style."  ;)

Control box is a Deepgroove1 model, with a G540 board and 3 270oz/in Nema 23 steppers.
Spindle is a Hitachi M12VC 2.25 Hp router.

Frame is 15 Series aluminum extrusion, brackets, and t-nut fasteners, all from Faztek, ordered via Amazon Prime.  Standard disclaimer:  I get a tiny percentage if you purchase through the above Amazon links.

Axes are from John at Microcarve CNC.  He makes great little machines, as well as separate axes you can get from time to time on Ebay.

Here's a more conventional look at it.  As you can see, it's just a conventional home-built mill, but set up at an angle.

Now I just have to decide on (and save up for) CAM software.


Edit to add:  Here's my first blog post, about the initial cutting and assembly of the machine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Critical Mass Games 30mm Kickstarter Coming Soon

Craig and Dale of Critical Mass Games are about to launch a Kickstarter to bring their fearsome Protolene (the dog aliens) Ayame Battlesuits/Powered Armour to the realm of 30mm.

The Ayame suits, were, of course, sculpted by the mighty Charles Oines.

It is now live.  Click here or cut and paste this link...


Monday, November 10, 2014

Painted Khurasan MDMS Tanks, Part 2: Now Released!

Coming up for air, just for a moment.

Khurasan Minis has released the MDMS series of mercenary vehicles, namely the MDMS Taipan and Goanna main battle tanks and the Cane Toad APC.

 They are intended to be used by a broad array of forces, with custom-tailored weaponry to various tech levels and army styles.

     Their turrets and accessories are widely interchangeable with the Karkpanzer and Nova Respublik Red Banner tanks I did for KM, so you modularity addicts out there can have fun swapping out parts.

Here's the previous post on the Painted MDMS vehicles...Link

And now, the link to the sales page.  They are listed under the Thrainites, KM's take on high-gravity space humanoids.  Read the fluff.  It, like the rest of Khurasan Jon's text and fictional universe, is quite good.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pardon The Silence. I've Been Writing.

Sorry for the lack of updates...

I've been writing. 
Yup, deep in the grip of it. 
That, and procrastinating from writing, which is not much different from when I procrastinate from digital sculpting.  ;)

If you have a story in you, I would suggest picking up a copy of Stephen King's book titled "On Writing."

It helped me clean up my flowery, extraneous prose.

I've owned and given away the book a number of times.

These are the three covers of the book I've owned at one time or another.

Here's a link at Amazon.  I get a tiny chunk if you purchase it.


And just for the hell of it, here's a picture of Gigantor, The Big Guy, and Rusty the Boy Robot, by Geof Darrow.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Reaper's CAV Kickstarter

Reaper Miniatures, the company that gave me my start in digital sculpting, is putting on a Kickstarter campaign for a new edition of the game of CAV, called CAV:SO.

Combat Assault Vehicle: Strike Operations

Here's the link to the campaign.

And a groovy little jazz-hands movie.

Lots of CAVs for the initial $100 buy-in.  Hurry up, and get an early bird special.

Enjoy, and thanks, again, Ed.


Full disclosure:  I'm a backer, but not a sculptor or beneficiary.

Some of my previous work will be featured, but they're all sculpts from 10 years ago, or more.

Although some deluxe stretch goals featuring 1/100th scale reworks of the classic CAV designs would be nice.  Hint hint.  ;)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

1984 Lurches Ever Closer: The Ugly Persecution of Patrick McLaw

If you write fiction that makes small minds tremble with fear, you have a vested interest in what happens to this young writer.

Bottom line: the fellow is a language arts teacher in Maryland, and writes a science fiction novel about a school shooting centuries in the future.

Sounds akin to Stephen King, and "Rage," right? No big deal, right?  Wrong.

Fight back, or run the risk of ending up in funny headgear...

John Bear Ross