Sunday, December 4, 2016

15mm Mecha Roundup

The Animech Kickstarter for Rebel Minis has closed, and we did great.  60 backers, and just under $3000 USD in pledges.  Awesome, and thank you!

Now, for some other mecha being offered across the vast 15mm-verse.

First up are a neat pair from Josh Qualtieri at

The Thanatos Stars Kraikon is a thick little design with a unique design feature I really like: power assist struts/legs on its back that help it right itself.  I dig the unorthodoxy.

Here's the link to buy it from Zombiesmith. There's some cool fluff (associated fictional description) at the link, as well.

This Thanatos Stars Ison Mecha is another neat design.  I like its lithe and lethal form.

Here's the link, again with more fluff.

Then, from out of nowhere, Eli and Gavin at drop a great mecha announcement on us.  The Tavshar Archon, co-produced by Loud Ninja Games and

It's an impressive design, and looks good in red.  There are a total of six (not four!) variants.  Awesome design, guys.

Click here for all the variants, and package deals

From GBS's The Ion Age line is another impressive design, the Afara Strider.

You can find individual and bundle deals here.

So, there you have it.  A total of eleven different variants, all fitting nicely in the "Two Inch Terror" ballpark of 15mm Mecha.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Animech Kickstarter: Less Than 24 Hours To Go, Fifth Goal Met!

The Rise Of The Animechs Kickstarter effort is less than 24 from completion.

All five stretch goals have been reached, enabling you to customize your Animechs with new weapons, or add them to your existing Rebel Minis mecha.

So, jump on in for the big finale.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Spider Mech Painted By Jason Moore

Here's some more eye candy from Jason Moore of in support of the Rebel Minis Kickstarter effort:  Rise Of The Animechs.

The previous Scorpion Mech was shown in glorious detail here, at this previous post.

Here's a Wolf Mech with the gun turret (first stretch goal) mounted on its dorsal RUMV hardpoint.

Great stuff.  I particularly like the stand-off between the two mechs.

To pledge for the Animech Kickstarter (we're funded and past the fourth stretch goal), click here, or copy and paste the link below.


John Bear Ross

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Scorpion Mech In Desert Colors, By Jason at Micropanzer

Here are some beautiful shots of a desert-schemed Scorpion Mech, rendered by the talented brush of Jason Moore, of Micropanzer fame.

This particular Scorp is being used in support of some Sahadeen raiders from Rebel Minis.

Very cool.

The Scorpion Mech is one of three Animechs currently being funded through a Kickstarter I'm a part of.

Do me a favor, click on the link, and come on in.

We're funded and past our third stretch goal, with the fourth one in easy reach.