Sunday, November 4, 2018

Implosion! Over The Hump On Book 2.

I'm on a roll.  Hopefully, I can keep it up.

I've passed 40000 words on the manuscript.

One recent scene was a brutal rescue, punctuated by the implosion of a skyscraper to cover the characters' tracks.  Whoohoo!


Saturday, November 3, 2018

More Wrenching: Blacking Out The Valkyrie

I did a little more work today on my 99 Honda Valkyrie.

Mostly taking parts off, painting them in black engine paint, and putting them back on.

I did get to do a little bit of work, turning the rear (pillion) seat into the front seat.  It's smaller, and gives the bike a more wasp-waisted look.  I like it.

The front fender will go back on, but I'll chop it later, as well as the rear fender.

 I had to turn a Phillips into a Slotted, thanks to Mr. Dremel.

 I remounted the rear seat.  I took the rear bracket off, and made a couple spring clips out of 1 inch perforated strap stock from Home Depot.  It's not comfortable, or luxurious, but it's a bobber, not a rolling sofa.  ;)

More photos in the daylight tomorrow.


Bars, Exhaust, and Engine Paint: The Bobbening Continues

I continue to chop and black out my bike.  My only real expense, so far, is a set of Biltwell Clubman handlebars.

The OEM cruiser bars put me too high and wide in my stance.  These bars pull me in, and a small bit forward.

I am also putting lightening holes in the larger, thicker brackets.  More for style than speed.  It's a bobber, after all!

 The stock exhaust.

 Heat shields come off (there's a lot of grunge under there) and the sawzall comes out!

 Starboard side about to get chopped, too.

 All the things I've removed, at this point.  The pillion seat will be re-used.

Not bad for a day's work.

I used my lathe to make a drill bit extension out of aluminium scrap.  This will be used to drill out the rear set of baffles in the exhaust, letting it breathe easier (and noisier).

Here's the port side foot peg bracket, getting three 1-inch holes milled into it.

 Bars swapped out.  I like the Clubmans.

 Exhaust comes off, and out comes the engine paint.

 Remounted and looking good.

She's looking good, so far.

Here's how she sounds...and pardon the neighbor's dog.  It's a yapper.
Stay tuned.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

Beginning Of The Big Bike Bobbing

I like the style of bike called a bobber.

Basically, it's a no-frills, stripped-down version of a motorcycle.

Today, the boy and I began the Bobbening, the great removal of parts from my 99 Valkyrie.

Off came the rear seat, the rear back brace, the saddle bags, and the highway pegs.

I did find the factory tool kit in there, which was neat.

Here's some pics...

I peeled the seat for the first time.  Factory tool roll is there, but no manual.  It's OK.  I bought a Clymer's service manual on Amazon, and downloaded the PDF of the factory manual online.

 It took some doing, but the rear fender came off.

 "What?  You want me to help?"  ;)

 Ready to go back together.

 I took the highway pegs off, later.  The Boy looks good on the bike.  It might become his, someday.

Chooser reclaims her spot in the garage, now a bit sleeker.