Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Snakes In A Can: Astagar Powered Armour, Part 2

Part Two of the Astagar Powered Armour coming soon from Critical Mass Games via Kickstarter.

Part One of this series is here.

Like I mentioned at the end of the previous post, new weapons were developed for the Astagar armour that were smaller, modified versions of the heavy stuff found on the Volos mecha.  This kept design time down, and continuity in the line.

Plus, that vicious power claw was so damn cool I wanted to see it used again!  ;)

Then, accessory backpacks were added, all with an Astagar design feel to them...

 Poor Waldo.  He never saw it coming...

More to come.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Astagar Powered Armour: Snakes In A Can!

Who doesn't love canned snakes?

No, not the prank snakes in a can...
Or rattlesnake meat in a can...

I'm talkin' 'bout some motherlovin' Astagar snakes in a motherlovin' powered armour can!
Snakemen, wearing powered armour!  The mind boggles!

Actually, it's a pretty cool concept.  I'm glad to be a part of it.

So, here were the initial shots of the Astagar Powered Armour.

This initial shot was the bulk-out of the powered armour.  The sword weapon arms were borrowed from the Ygs power armor until suitable weapons were developed along the lines of the Astagar Volos assault mecha.

Naturally, like most things I do for my clients, I like to make things cross-compatible in their product lines.  This helps create more possibility for SKUs, and benefits the kitbashers out there.

Thus, the complete line of Astagar and Ygs powered armors were designed to be compatible in weaponry and backpacks, if you so choose.  Modularity!  Yay!

So, on with the in-progress pics...


The initial shapes and concept met with client approval.  Now, to the nuts and bolts.  How were we going to make this thing fit together, and cast?  The solution was a "stalk" torso, where a flat section of tail would be posed and cast separately, and attached via socket to a torso that was rising up, like a cobra about to strike.

So, work began on creating weapons and poses.  The initial cannons were a rework of the main gun from the Volos mecha. 
The scout backpack was created from scratch, I believe, with a "flared cobra" motif in mind.

The sculpting began in earnest, using a Ygs powered armour as a benchmark for size and configuration.

I also took the claw from the Volos, reworked it, and scaled it down to work for the powered armours.  You can see the Ygs armor sporting it in the pics.

More to come.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

So What's An Astagar, You Ask?

Astagar.  It's a name dropped here and there as I show videos of me machining a heavy shuttle for "them."


Well, who are "Them?"

The Astagar are a race of reptilian aliens offered as a pack of mercenaries by Craig and Dale at Critical Mass Games, and initially sculpted by master sculptor PF.

I was so intrigued by them that I asked the CMG gents for permission to make a mecha for them, which they gladly granted.

So, they're going to be the focus of the next major Kickstarter in 15mm, coming soon from Critical Mass Games.  I've hinted at it for a while.  Time to get down to brass tacks.

I have sculpted mecha, powered armour, main battle tanks (both grav and tracked), heavy APCs (both grav and tracked), and I'm currently machining the large craft that will bring these beauties to the battlefield from orbit.

Steve "Coolhand" Tyler did some beautiful sculpts that I'm not allowed to talk about, but don't worry, double-legger, you'll find out about them soon enough.  ;)


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Astagar Shuttle Upper Hull, Redone Beautifully!

So, the first upper hull for the shuttle was a great working test piece and proof of concept. 
Magic Sculpt machines up nicely, and is very durable in the hand. 

So, I needed to go further, to refine the proof of concept.

Yesterday's capture plate and today's rework of the upper hull have given me a solid machining strategy to finish the work.

Work starts on the roughing pass, knocking off all that lump material.

Halfway through the finish pass.

The pencil pass is the last step, sending the milling cutter through those furrows and outlines to polish up the checkered spots deep in the corners or on the smooth outside surfaces.

The final comparison of the parts at my desk, including a test fit of the new hull with the capture plate.

The seam where the upper hull meets its capture plate matching piece is gorgeous.  Whether the client wants to fill this in with putty, cover it with a strip of styrene strip, or leave it as is will be determined.

I'm very happy with how this is turning out, except for the cloud of epoxy chips that now surround me, and my black-stained hands.  ;)

On to the Lower Hull!


Machining the Astagar Shuttle, Continued...

So, I machined up the "capture plate" for the Astagar shuttle, a segment of the upper hull that will lock in the lower hull once the two parts are assembled as a kit.

Here's a few videos.

Kids, remember, keep your fingers out of those machine tools.  It's a good way to end up not being able to count to ten.

Thanks for watching.  Back to the garage, to keep machining.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ever Wonder What 20 Pounds Of Epoxy Looked Like? Right This Way...

So, I had to wait a while for the Magic Sculpt epoxy to get here, Southern NV, from Albuquerque.

Once it showed up, I can see why.

20 pounds (9 kilos) of two-part epoxy showed up on the doorstep around 7:30 pm tonight.

I can't wait to start hand-mixing it into ingots or billets, and machining it to shape.

Here are some size reference pics.  Voodoo The Cat and one gallon (3.78 liter) jug of tea for scale.

Stay tuned.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Possible Big Tank Concept, Part 2

Part One was from a few days ago.

This is just an exercise while I wait for Epoxy to arrive. 

Apparently, 20 lbs of Magic Sculpt takes a while to get here from Albuquerque.  I hope it didn't make a left turn at the wrong place. ;)

This being a holiday weekend, deliveries get delayed.  No fun.

Here is the first wave of detailing.  The initial bulk-out from the first post has been refined into the major working parts. 

Two hull segments, fore and aft, mounted on a spinal plate.  Motive units go underneath.  Your choice of tracks, hover, legs, or wheels.

This thing's a big, beautiful beast.